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Frieze Partners

Our Frieze New York experience could not have been successful had it not been for our wonderful partners and products. The Sicilian Lemonade, Elderflower Bubbly, and Cool Ginger Beer provided by Luscombe drinks were the perfect non-alcoholic and decadent beverage (and their simply beautiful packaging looked great in the space!). Laughing Man coffee, which kept all the exhibitors well-caffeinated for the duration of the fair, served up a range of drinks including their very popular Flat White and delicious Iced Coffee. Our snacks, from Hot Blondies Bakery, Good Batch Cookies, Mast Brothers Chocolate, and North Fork Chips were equally as popular, along with, of course, our alcoholic options, most notably Pommery Champagne (the official champagne of the event) and Session Beer (carried at the Fat Radish).