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Gant Dinner

On March 1st 2012 Gant Celebrated the completion of it’s shoot for the Fall 2012 Line with a dinner at The Fat Radish. Served was the Beet Crumble, Whole Salt Baked Black Bass, and Roasted Cauliflower along with a slew of other seasonal dishes. Which only seems appropriate when you hear Christopher Bastin speak about his inspiration for the collection. ”I wanted to create a wardrobe for an imaginary chef and co-owner of a restaurant on this New York scene”, says Bastin, “Once I started looking into what they were doing, (Ben and Phil) became the campaign guys… They’re two Brits changing the game in their own way. They do a lot of vegetarian stuff.” Adam Wright-Smith and Joe Termini, also part of the Silkstone team, are the other two featured in the campaign.


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